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The “Bulldog” Is Back


   By Mark Jackson {GFJ}...Henry “Bulldog” Patterson, is back at it, sharing his passion for boxing right here in Granite Falls.  The “Bulldog” has set up shop at Ultimate Athletix located in downtown Granite Falls.  Charlie Kiziah, owner of Ultimate Athletix is very excited to have “Bulldog” teaching boxing at his facility.  Patterson actually used to train at Mike Owens’ gym called the Granite Falls Boxing Club which is now the location of “All My Friends” Pet Shop.  According to Mike Owens, Henry trained with him for approximately ten years and after speaking to Mike Owens I could tell that Mike really enjoyed Henry’s friendship.  Some of you may not know who the “Bulldog” is so we encourage you to read on.


   Patterson was born in 1950 in Lenoir, NC and attended Lenoir High School.  Patterson is currently a correctional officer for the Alexander Correctional Institution and has served there for 14 years.


     Patterson was inducted into the Caldwell County Hall of Fame in 1989.  Patterson played semi-pro football for the Caldwell County Bulldogs in the mid 1970’s.  He was a football, basketball, and track star at Lenoir High School.


   Patterson started boxing in 1964 under Junior “Rocky” Bentley.  Junior was Henry’s mentor and was also North Carolina State Champion in the late 1960’s/early 1970’s.  Patterson’s first heavyweight fight was in 1971 which he won and then turned pro that night in a four round match that awarded him $50.  Patterson trained with Al Pyne, Gary Barlow and Mike Owens.  Patterson has quite a history of boxing professionally from 1977 to 1984.  In this time span he fought in twenty-seven matches that took him all over the world to the countries of Australia, France and Spain.  Mohamad Ali was and is, Patterson’s Hero. 


   Henry “Bulldog” Patterson was a boxer for 19 years.  He is the former North Carolina light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion.  Patterson ended his career with a 29-12 record.  Eight of his wins were by knock out.  During his campaign, Patterson fought Sandman Parker five times, including the now-famous donnybrook in Granite Falls that had to be stopped when chair-swinging spectators poured into the ring.  Henry stated that “Sandman Parker was very intimidating.”  Patterson also fought heavyweight contender (ranked 6th), Dwayne Bobbick in Spartanburg in 1978.  Although he was KOed in the second round, Patterson says he learned more in that fight than in any other in his career.  Bobbick fought future champion Ken Norton on November 5, 1977 and was knocked out in the first round of the fight.  Patterson also traveled around the world as a heavyweight, fighting in Australia, Italy and Madrid.  Patterson fought Alfredo Evangelista twice in 1981 in Spain which both resulted in losses.  Evangelista fought Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, Leon Spinks and Renaldo Snipes but only defeating Renaldo Snipes.  Patterson was truly just a couple of wins from facing the top fighters in the world.


  He was always appreciative of his fans and their support and said his goal was to win the state championship, which he did.  Patterson was satisfied with his ring career but now wants to get back at it sharing his experience and knowledge of boxing.


   If you are interested in taking boxing lessons from the “Bulldog” contact Charlie Kiziah at Ultimate Athletix in downtown Granite Falls at 828-850-9788.  Ultimate Athletix is an MMA, Stength and Conditioning / Personal training facility.  Ultimate Athletix offers: Adult and Youth Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Wrestling, Personal Training Athletic Training and



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