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Two Sisters That Share A Love Of Music, Family And God

“The DeLearys are a young, fresh and energetic duo”

May 1, 2013


   By Mark Jackson {GFJ}…The DeLearys are made up of two sisters, Lauren, 19 and Brooke 16 that truly share a love of music, family and God!  These sisters have embarked on a musical journey with their harmonizing magic and an amazing blend of Soft Rock/Pop Christian music.

   Lauren and Brooke performed independently of each other growing up: acting, singing, dancing, writing music and honing their craft as musicians. Lauren plays bass and keyboard and Brooke plays guitar, drums and keys.  In early 2010 at age 16 and 13 they realized the blessings of their combined gifts and have been on a roll ever since!  Knowing they wanted to glorify the Lord with their music they still struggled with the direction their music should take.  “We just want to be the light in the darkness and have people who would not normally listen to Christian music say, ‘hey - I love their sound, I want to learn more about them’, and discover Christ is the process.”  What they realized is they could not keep silent about where their strength, joy and hope came from.   “When I kept silent my bones wasted away”.  (Psalm 32:3) “We felt like we were saying “stand strong”, “believe”, “know you are beautiful” yet not giving the full remedy.  We have a huge passion and burden for all people, but especially for our generation, to understand that being a Christian is the most fun, abundant life of freedom anyone can experience.”  Recently they committed to the Lord not just sing for Him, but to sing about Him, and their song writing has risen to new heights.

   Lauren DeLeary is currently a Junior at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where she is studying commercial performance.  Lauren actually started college at age sixteen and stated very modestly that “No, I am not that smart, just very determined.”  Along with attending school, Lauren is a stylist for Travis Ball photography and Belmont’s ensemble “Phoenix.” She also loves to dance and is a Zumba instructor. 

   Brooke DeLeary is currently being homeschooled as a junior in high school.  She used to act and dance but now concentrates on sitting with her guitar writing music. Brooke says she has a great youth group at Harvest Bible Chapel in Hickory, North Carolina and has been learning to play tennis in her not so spare time. 

   "A self-contained duo, we love harmonies and you never know which one of us will be singing melody or harmony, we switch off mid line! Our energetic vibe is a genre to itself...a positive blend of faith-based, soulful soft rock /pop country mix to please every audience. As singers, songwriters and musicians, we perform as an acoustic duo or with the full band upon demand. Hailing from Hickory, North Carolina and Nashville, TN, we give thanks and glory to our Lord!" They absolutely love what they do…being sisters and best friends they always have a “blast” when they perform.  The girls love to have fun, yet desire to be role models in this culture.  They have one focused goal, performing and entertaining.  It's all about their fans. 

   Lauren and Brooke are Southern girls at heart as both were born and raised in Hickory, North Carolina.  However, they also have tribal membership in the Chippewa of the Thames First Nation and come from the Loon Clan in Ontario Canada.  The Loon Clan is actually known for their music.  They get their Native-American side from their father. 

   Our family is very close knit and is each other’s best friend.  “We grew up being musical.”  Lauren, Brooke and their little brother Matthew would run around the house singing.  “We grew up doing things in church and musical theatre.  Nick, our older brother, is very musical too.  He played guitar for a praise and worship band.  After Nick graduated he toured with Action Ministries for a while playing guitar.  When we were young, we would sing along with Nick when he played his guitar and this is basically where it all started for us.  Our little brother Matthew is very musical and very into everything.  Matthew is thirteen and he wants to be a doctor just like our father.”  Currently they manage themselves with their mom Carrie holding the title of booking agent/manager, Lauren is the “manager boss!” and Brooke is the creative manager. Both of our parents have been very encouraging and supportive.  Mom has always encouraged us to do what we loved.  She wants us to succeed in whatever we do. 

   Well, after spending a short time with these ladies, I can tell you that they are very intelligent and passionate.  The DeLeary girls have been characterized as being energetic, refreshing, unique, talented, charming and a beautiful “burst of sunshine!”  Lauren, who co-leads vocals and is an amazing young entertainer with dance and theatre experience. She has a cool belt voice with R&B influences. She writes music, plays keyboard and bass guitar A small package with a huge personality. She's independent, with an over the top sense of humor and loves shopping at Good Will.  Brooke is a fierce drummer, a guitar player and a song writer. She also has theatre and dance experience. Brooke has super model good looks and a positive attitude about life in general. She teaches drums and loves being involved with her youth at church.

   “Also what we want to do with our music…we want to impact lives but we also want to provide music that teenagers will like, kind of sort of Pop or kind of sort of Rock.  We grew up listening to Christian music.  Barlow Girl is one of our biggest inspirations.”  The girls also grew up inspired by Rachel Lampa, Kelly Clarkson, and greats such as Journey and Michael Jackson.  They had the honor of opening for Natalie Grant, another award winning mentor to the girls, in the fall of 2012.  “We call ourselves Soft Rock/Pop Christian.  A little different from Barlow Girl since it’s just us two sisters and our Nashville influence.  We like every genre of music so we kind of write in every genre.  The last four songs that we have written are Jazzy/RB, Pop/Country, Rock and Contemporary Christian with a spin.  We love all kinds of music.  We love performing Rock, Soft Rock and Pop.  Our lyrics are mostly faith based but some are secular.  One of our biggest passions is that we really want to show Christians and Non-Christians alike that it is fun and cool.  It’s like, literally, I love my life, I love being a Jesus Nerd and I am having fun.  When we both started out with music we didn’t start in faith based, we started out in more of the secular area.  We were basing on what Christian music was in the past.  We won’t be able to be fun or goofy and that’s now why we decided to be into Christian music. We were like, ok, it’s time to change things around.  We like to rock, be loud and be crazy on stage!  I want to have fun; I want to do what I love to do.  I love to sing ballads and love to rock on my bass.”

   When Brooke travels to Nashville every other weekend she spends time practicing, writing songs, recording and performing with Lauren.  They perform about two to three times a month at different venues in and around Nashville and some here in the Hickory area.  Lauren and Brooke have been writing in Nashville with hit songwriters like Kirsti Manna, who penned Blake Shelton’s smash hit, “Austin”, and now many others.  Lauren is a BMI writer and publisher and Brooke has her writing and publishing with ASCAP.   They have actually written about fifty songs.  Their first EP, “I’m Out”, was to showcase their skills as more than just singer/songwriters as the girls also played all the instruments on the EP with the exception of strings by Chris Carmichael.  That project was produced by Bill Warner (   The DeLearys single off that EP, “Voiceless”, was inspired by Zahra Baker, a victim of child abuse ending in a horrific murder.  The DeLearys recorded the song and have appeared at countless events, challenging their audiences to “be the voice of the Voiceless”, like Zahra, and others of our society who for various reasons have no voice of their own.  The girls have appeared on the NBC Charlotte Today Show, Memphis Fox 2 News, St. Louis KPLR and Fox 2 News performing “Voiceless” and other originals.  They have toured the East Coast with stops in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, Minnesota and back to Tennessee.  The DeLearys performed all the instruments on their first EP and are now in process of writing for their full length CD, touring the East Coast, and having a blast meeting new fans and bringing glory to their Savior!  Their focus is writing more music for their upcoming full length CD that they will begin recording in the fall of 2013 with a possible release in the spring of 2014.  When they are playing with their band, Andrew Malinowski is on electric guitar and Richard Anthony or Wesley Austin is on drums.

   Their hero is God!  “We love Jesus Christ passionately!” stated the DeLearys.  Their favorite verses are “Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28  “Do not fear for I am with you, Do not be dismayed for I am your God, I will help you and strengthen you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” Isaiah 41:10  “He must become greater, I must become less” - Brooke’s life verse.  The DeLeary girls grew up serving God at an early age.  Their first mission trip was to Kenya for one month was when the girls were 4 and 7.  Since then they have been back to Kenya, Nicaragua several times, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and the Ukraine.  Their home always hosted “an extra” needing a place to stay, and there were always a couple pictures of the children the family sponsored on the refrigerator.   “We visited nursing homes and served in the local woman’s homeless shelter “ (Brooke) “Because of our upbringing I always understood that this world was temporary and we only have one chance to take a stand and make a difference” (Lauren)  In addition to hands on loving the people, the girls contribution naturally revolved around worship and singing.   They support Feed The Children and may have the opportunity to go out on the road with this organization.  They recently performed at a Feed The Children Benefit in Nashville this past April 5th. 

   Brooke was inspired after her parents came home from a Safe Harbor Women’s Shelter dinner which was just a few months after Zahra Baker lost her life in 2010 and “I became filled with emotion and I needed to write something about it.  I needed people to know that they need to be a voice of the people who don’t speak out and don’t say anything.  The people that don’t have voices like Zahra.  She was so young and people would not have even listened even if she would have spoken about it.  So I wanted to write a song that made people listen, and people listen to songs.”  You can listen to “Voiceless” on their website at  Be sure to “like” their facebook page too…

   The DeLeary sisters have a seamless connection as they blend their voices, their friendship, and their sisterhood.  But they have strong artistic connections to their younger brother as well.  Brooke used to love to act as well as sing.  She got away from that for several years as she has concentrated on her music.  But now Brooke DeLeary and her 13 year old brother Matt will bring their singing AND acting talents to the Caldwell County Stage, as part of the cast of “Children’s Letters to God,” the delightful musical that will be presented as the 15th Dinner Theatre Production by Keith Smith and the Town of Hudson.  The show will be performed at the HUB in May. Look for details about this play in an upcoming edition of the Granite Falls Journal.  (All photos provided by the Delearys)


It was a pleasure to meet and get to know these ladies!  I see them doing great things in the future...Mark Jackson {GFJ}



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